October 22, 2014 Editorial   Mounds Lake Can Wait for Phase II Completion 


October 15, 2014  County Council Tables Lake Commission Indefinitely

October 14, 2014 County Council Tables Commission

October 15, 2014  County Council Tables Lake Commission Indefinitely

September 1, 2014 Confessions of a Mounds Lake Supporter

August 28, 2014  Big Revitalization Possible for Daleville

August 23, 2014  Chamber of Commerce – Mounds Lake Project Could Be Shot in the Arm

August 21, 2014  Daleville Gets First Look at Mounds Lake Project

August 21, 2014  Editorial  Hit the Brakes Until all Players Known

August 20, 2014  Reservoir Project Garnering Support

August 19, 2014  People Get A view of Proposed Mounds Lake

August 18, 2014 Reservoir Would Reduce Tax Revenues

August 18, 2014  Change Not Always Good, But Sometimes Necessary

August 12, 2014  Madison County Asked to Join Reservoir Authority

August 9, 2014  Mounds Lake Mentioned in Chamber Water Study

July 31, 2014  Two Possible Dam Sites



November 13, 2013  State Agrees to Fund Reservoir Study

November 17, 2013  Funding May Bring Better Understanding of Reservoir

Legislators: Mounds Lake Project Needs to Remain Transparent

November 13, 2013, State Agrees to Fund Phase II Study


October 12, 2013  Phase II Study Will Answer Reservoir Questions


October 16, 2013  Panel, Leadership Academy Discuss Positives, Negatives of Mounds Lake

May 31, 2013  Editorial, Reservoir In; Shoppers Downtown?

May 24, 2013 “Paddle Protest” Floats Good Ideas

May 16, 2013 Protest Paddle to Call Attention to Reservoir Impact

May 10, 2013 Anderson City Council Votes to Support Reservoir

May 18, 2013 Paddle Protest Travels White River

May 6, 2013  Chesterfield Officials Approve Resolution

May 3, 2013  Editorial — Meetings Indicate Significant Support of Mounds Lake Study

April 30th  Anderson University Will Host 3rd Public Meeting About Reservoir Tonight

April 30th  Reservoir Would Flood Most Scenic Stretch of White River

April 29th  Tuesday Meeting Will Conclude First Round of Reservoir Presentations

April 28th  Jesse J Wilkerson– What About an IPO for Mounds Lake

April 24, 2013  Plan for Massive Reservoir Finding More Support

April 23, 2013  Second Reservoir Public Meeting Tonight

Second Public Meeting on Reservoir Tuesday at Daleville

April 20, 2013  Editorial — Transparency is Paramount in Answering Reservoir Questions

April 16, 2013  Chesterfield Turns Out for Reservoir Panel Discussion

April 13, 2013  Would Mounds Reservoir Become a Money Pit

April 6, 2013  Public Access and Outdoor Recreation Key

April 1, 2013  Mounds Lake Small Part of Grand Scheme

March 31, 2013  Jesse J Wilkerson — Mounds Lake Proposal an Idea Worth Considering

March 30, 2013  Reservoir Could Impact Endangered Species

March 29, 2013  Closing Anderson Airport Not Part of Reservoir Pln

March 28. 2013  It Takes An Army of Workers to Build a Reservoir

March 25, 2013  Chamber Backs Proposed Reservoir

March 24, 2013  Citizens Energy Evaluates Water Needs

March 23, 2013  Gone Fishin’

Mounds Lake Project Has Great Potential For Future

Partners With Deep Pockets Needed For Mounds Lake Reservoir

March 20th

March 19th  (Lemon Drop) Restaurant and Marina

March 19, 2013 A New Start

March 18th  Proposed Reservoir Would Be Subject To Intense Scrutiny

March 17th  Editorial – Annexation-Mounds Lake News Overlap

March 16th  Officials Express Qualified Support For Proposed Reservoir

Irondale Residents Ponder Their Homes Underwater