Welcome to Mounds Lake!

Some of you already know me from my Facebook page, ‘Support the Mounds Lake Reservoir,’ but for those of you who do not. Hello! I’m Alex Byers, I’m a citizen of this community working to provide information and show my support for the proposed Mounds Lake project. Aside from this blog, I have no affiliation with CED, Anderson, Chesterfield, Daleville, Madison County, or Delaware County.
You may wonder, “how did he get involved?” Well, it’s simple, I was sitting in Frisch’s Big Boy waiting on my grandparents to join me for breakfast reading the Herald Bulletin and said, “Wow, brilliant idea I need to do something to help.” So I started the Facebook page and emailed Mr. Sparks a few days later about helping me out by providing some information. After a few days, I received his response and he agreed to help. Now, here we are, over 3,200 people have liked the page and because of this support I’ve been able to reach tens of thousands of people.
What is the purpose, or mission, of this blog? First and foremost, to inform and educate. Secondly, to provide updates about the progression of the project and to entertain those who want to stay informed. Over time, this blog will be providing updates, information from Rob Sparks (including videos that I’m calling “From Rob’s Desk”), photos, my community response (detailing the feedback I’ve received from the Facebook page), and even some fun posts here and there.I want to provide honest information. I have worked quite hard to answer every question that has come my way. I don’t dodge the hard questions, but rather challenge those involved to come up with the answer. With that being said, not all of your questions are easy and take time to answer. I ask that you remember this project is still in the initial phases. I know many of you are as excited as I am, but not all of the answers are available now. Your questions are not lost, I have a list compiled of questions that cannot be answered, and I will answer those questions as soon as I have the information.

Bottom line; I love Anderson and the surrounding community. I want what is best for the community. I want to see Anderson return to its former glory. I want to see people once again speaking of this community with pride.

If you want to stay connected with my efforts, please go check out the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/SupportMoundsLake or stay tuned to MoundsLake.com

Again, thank you all for your support and involvement.

Alex Byers