The Executive Director of the Corporation for Economic Development is Rob Sparks.

Rob Sparks is a lifelong area resident of Anderson, Indiana.  Rob worked a variety of roles in retail for 20 years before becoming self-employed in the real estate rental and rehab field in 1995. Focusing on buildings in Anderson’s Historic District, Rob developed several projects in the late 1990’s.

In 2004, Rob was asked to serve as Chairman of the Board of Works and Deputy Mayor for the City of Anderson for Mayor Smith. While at the City, Rob assisted CED on numerous projects during his 4 years term with the Smith administration, including the Nestlé project.  In late Fall of 2007 the CED Board of Directors offered Rob the job as Executive Director, which he accepted.

During his tenure at CED, Rob’s focus has been on attraction. Rob has had the opportunity to travel extensively and network with existing company headquarter operations, regional and national real estate professionals, as well as expand new international business contacts on behalf of the community. Over the last 10 years Madison County has seen over 7,000 Jobs added or retained, 5 Million Square Feet of building leased or built, and almost $2 Billion invested.  His continued international approach has assisted making Madison County home to 19 international companies from 9 different countries.

Rob and his wife of over 30 years, Shelly, have two adult children who are both graduates of Anderson University and 2 young grandsons. Rob is an avid cyclist and beginner triathlete and has completed two events for the Leukemia Society raising $12,000 toward research. A classic car enthusiast, Rob is also a supporter of early childhood development and is involved in several local and regional boards, including The Impact Center, Madison County Educational Committee, and United Ways Financial Stability Partner Group.

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