Why a LAKE in Anderson, Indiana??

We’ll need the water. It’s that simple.

Drought conditions in the past years have heightened the awareness of water need, and better management of existing water sources in Indiana. Geist Lake, Morse Lake, and Eagle Creek Reservoir were all constructed between 1940 and 1970 serving Central Indiana. The population of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) has grown over 50% between 1970 and 2010. The Mounds Lake Project in Anderson would not only serve that region in Indiana, but also serve as a new water source for the Indianapolis MSA.

Mounds Lake is a proposed 2100 acre reservoir created along the white river. The 50 foot high earthen dam would be constructed from just east of East Lynn and 18th St in Anderson backing water up into Delaware County to around 300 South and S High Banks Rd. This project won’t happen in days or weeks, but will take months and years. Our intent is to provide ample opportunity for input and feedback, questions and answers, through public meetings held around the county. Advance notice of these gatherings will be provided through this website and also local news media.


river-timelineV.2Phase II components include:

  • Environmental impact studies (including evaluation of dump sites, GM wells, and other environment issues)
  • Engineering issues (core sampling, water flow data, and project impact
  • Community impact and outreach ( such as media relations, inter-agency government relations, press relations, and community outreach)
  • Financial components (all financial components associated with the project)

Coming soon!

  • Upon completion, results of Phase 2 environmental and engineering studies will be organized and shared with the public
  • Public forums will be scheduled in all communities affected by the Mounds Lake Project
  • Blogs concerning topics covered in your current or upcoming newsletters will be posted on the project website in the near future