The Preliminary Phase II Feasibility Information


The Project

To start, let’s keep in mind that the Mounds Lake is still a concept. It’s an idea. We believe, a good idea. Indiana and much of the rest of the U.S. (and the world) will soon be experiencing fresh water shortages. We believe that this idea is the best option to help secure fresh water for our region for decades to come. This idea is in (as we’re calling it) Phase II. Over the next six months we will be examining the following as part of Phase II:


Environmental Issues – Financial Issues – Community Impact – Engineering Studies

Mounds Lake FAQs

There are many aspects of this project and it is understandable that questions would arise. The following FAQs should help answer some of these questions:

Project Reasoning Project Specifics Property Owners & Renters Environmental

Project Scopes

The Mounds Lake project is complex, involving several organizations and community members. Below, you can find outlines for the scopes of work involved in Phase II and beyond:

Mounds Lake Pt.1  Mounds Lake Pt.2 DLZ Scope Environmental Scope

IFA – Financial Agreement

You many also want to take a look at our Studies and Reports page!

Mounds Lake Projected Map

2013 Mounds Lake Aerial Map

For a more interactive map, click here!

Current Press Releases

Press Contact

Rob Sparks

Rob is the Executive Director for the Corporation for Economic Development. Rob is leading this project and is available for questions.  You can download Rob’s bio here.

Email: robsparks@cedanderson.com

Phone: 765-642-1860


Social Media Info

The Project Video Diary

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If you have any immediate questions, feel free to call or email. However, you may also want to message us on Twitter and Facebook for quick questions.

Ask your questions @MoundsLake.  Use the hashtag #NavigateTheFuture when talking about the project!

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