Mounds Lake on the White River, will provide billions of gallons of water to central Indiana that will mitigate drought and flood impact.

Smart Water

A “smart water” option, being reviewed in the upcoming Phase II study, will enable Mounds Lake to feed Morse and Geist to maximize the water levels in all three of the reservoirs.

Calendar Of Events

Visit this website to learn about upcoming events and meetings about the progress of Mounds Lake.

What Is Mounds Lake?

Mounds Lake, if proven to be successful, will require the commitment of the entire region. This process will be measured in months and years. We are in a marathon with many hurdles to clear. Certainly this project is of a scale like no other for the communities involved. Our focus is to go through each step carefully to assure the project is feasible and planned well. The next proposed Phase II study will look deeper into environmental and river valley issues, as well as property and bridge impact.

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It has taken three years to get to today, which is Phase 1.  We project six months on Phase II, feasibility with a cost  of $300,000.  Two to three years for preliminary design and permitting at a projected cost of $10 million.  Then three to four years for construction, projected cost $350-$400 million.

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