Mounds Lake will be developed under the proposed authority called the Mounds Lake Commission. Indiana law allows for the five taxing units to join together and develop the project. The members will be local elected officials from each taxing unit. The number of members of the Commission is proposed at 10.  A unified planning district will be applied over the lake site to assure like development standards. In addition, each community will control their own larger master plan.


Governmental Units Voting to Join/Form Commission

City of Anderson
City Council
Chesterfield Indiana
Town Council



July, 2013

As a preliminary step to the Commission, after collective votes were taken in each taxing unit, an Advisory Board of 12 elected officials has been formed.  Those members are:


Donna Davis, City Councilwoman

Russ Willis, City Councilman


Deborah Dunham, Town Clerk

Jerry Fields, Councilman


Tom Roberts, Boardmember

Bill Walters, Boardmember

Delaware County

Chris Matchett, Councilman

Ron Quakenbush, Councilman

James King, Commissioner

Madison County

Jeff Hardin, Commissioner

Lisa Phillips, Councilwoman